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Fortitude (Part 1) – Encouragement

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because, without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” – Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

The season of Chaos distracting from your Order has been the theme for the year of 2020. The reimagined way of living has become an almost accepted normality. Or at least accepted as individuals. We are beginning to come to terms with a new, albeit compromised, state of being. An enforced readjustment. Face masks. Temperature checks. Hand sanitiser at every turn. All done with the intentions of believing; that by suffering collectively through small inconveniences, we can keep each other safe. It is a collaboration of sacrifice, that was not as a result of any cult communities or genocidal act. It is no small feat to agree to the suspension of your rights to freedom of movement.

It takes a notable measure of Fortitude to acquiesce to this disruption. It is worthy of quite a few “Taps on the back”. That’s just if you are fortunate to still be around to do so.
It takes a far deeper level of understanding of what Fortitude really takes, to keep doing for others, even though it does not make sense to our own definitions of order. If systems of governance or statutes of law become overreaching in their limitation of our rights. We riot. Societies at these moments begin to assert that they are to have positive liberty and be allowed to live life in an egalitarian manner. We assert that these archaic structures are detrimental to the necessary community building. As such, we as the community choose to non-conform to bring about the conformity which is conditional on this positive liberty being placed under high guard within our ideological infrastructure.

Our response to times where we feel our positive freedom is under threat is a violent one. We bring a call to action based on our own lived experience. This then speaks as a collective voice, coming from diverse backgrounds. Its communication is heard as a universal one. As a society, that is in survival competition with each other, we begin using the individualistic drive to have a better life. To serve as the upkeep for the generalized social order. In other words, it is when the social contract, as it stands, is renegotiated. It is thus also our moment of Chaos combining with Order to create Opportunity.

When it came time to renegotiate on the Rights of Man – we collectively spoke for African Slaves and a new contract term of universal freedoms against acquiring property rights over a fellow “man” was established. Thus a negotiated term of racial/class/creed/religious equality was written in. The same can be said for events that lead to Woman receiving the right to vote and contest local and national governmental elections. This was also a key point in where we stand today with radical feminism, the assertion of woman’s economic rights and protections against historical exclusion. This is another form of personalised speech becoming recognised as collectivised speech. Thus succeeding in amending the social contract. A necessary yet incredibly chaotic process.

One can not help but feel as though recent times might be such a ground shifting event that will forever alter the social contract. It is established that we are in Chaos, we are now slowly redefining our Order to make the most of the Opportunity waiting in escrow. These new positive opportunities are being generated through this clash of Order and Chaos. It is a type of reproduction and DNA code exchange of both the pre-established Order and the new unknown Chaos. As though two Gametes have met to form a Zygote. When we consider the number of restrictions placed on cities, metropolitans, villages, towns, boroughs, counties, provinces and states. We have to realise that it is a Chaos that is necessitated. An Order disruption for the greater good. A weighted and measured opportunity/cost assessment. One which we hope will breed new areas of abundance in the form of collective healing.

I’ve recently undergone a forced mentality shift. I’ve had to reconfigure everything I believed to be the correct manner in approaching challenges. Over the last year, I’ve faced failures at every turn. All my ideas seemed to not materialise into positive realities. All my moves lead to more turbulent times. I felt failure in its purest form. The nothingness that comes from giving everything but getting nothing back. Nothing except the gutless feeling of inadequacy. Like most, the year that was 2020 began with supreme optimism. Trusting the esoteric belief system of Numerology, I had believed that the year of 2020 – a ‘4’ year. Represented a growth stage in my own life. I considered the year to be a year dedicated to building on my dreams for the future and to put roots down that will stand the test of time and strain. It was a year which represented an immense amount of unmanifested optimism and a time to plant and to gather your harvest too. Looking back I think it was exactly that.

It was a season where we all were called home. Literally. We had to set time aside to tend to our households. We had been given time to reconfigure our lifestyles to be healthier. We were allowed to refine our creative talents. This forced compliance to limit our daily activities, showed us what was truly important to our survival, and what is just noise. It gave everyone a jolt of reality that life is defined through what your attitude is to it each waking moment. Not what is happening around you, but how you are reacting to it. It allowed the downtrodden a chance to get back up. Since they saw that struggle comes to us all, in many forms, therefore one should never assume our struggles are unique and insurmountable. It gave us all the true sense of gratitude and a gratefulness for our own lives. With so many deaths, so many more people now wake up to the idea that one is to cherish what is yours since it can be taken away without fault or warning. These lessons have shaped who we are as people now and forever.

All of these happenings have taken its toll on us all. It is okay to feel drained. Just do not succumb to the thinking that because there is no end in sight. That to maintain our Stance of Fortitude is a task not worth undertaking. While I can not predict it for a dead certainty. My arrogance in belief guides me to say that “Its all training. Its ALL practice”. The moments that define 2020 will stand as reference points for pain in our lives. We will look back at it negatively. However, before you label it as a personal “annus horribilis”. Think of the strength and depth of the persona you have developed. A layer to yourself which is hardened and battle-worn. Never to break, bend or fold to the bursts of Chaos that befall us. Instead look at it as the sparks that ignited the fuel within you that will power the engine rooms of productivity, optimism and forward-thinking. All it takes is a little bit of Fortitude every day.

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