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Expectation (Part 3) – Dutiful Consequence

“Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”. – Matthew 7: 13 & 14. 

Matthew 7: 13 -14

What to expect when you are expecting. How to manage the reproduction of your expected outcomes. What does it really take to cultivate and align your expectations? So much so that you begin to remove the whole idea of disappointment as a conspiracy against you. Rather, the definition shifts, so that you simply realign expectations. The momentum is not lost. There is no snoozing process or extravagant time taken in dealing with introducing chaos. 

We have become a society that has become too easily disappointed and disheartened when there is chaos in our lives. We are defeated emotionally for the duration of our chosen pity party. I have recently been watching “Losers” on Netflix. For those who haven’t seen it. Its a series documenting the stories of professional athletes who have failed. However, what struck me was that each story harnessed the knowledge of defeat to attain even more prominent victories. It is a grand piece of entertainment highlighting the exact principles needed in order to gain the most worthwhile experiential reality out of our so-called disappointments. It got me thinking as to what this entails for Expectation and how we are to recalibrate our compasses to focus on what is possible. With the instruments, we have, as of now. By concerning ourselves with the problems we face, we fail to adequately look for creative solutions. In many ways, I would argue that it is wise to minimise disappointments. As long as you are committed to taking the next rational steps in repairing or realigning with the ideal order format. In other words, the expectations you set for self, have to be of such lofty purpose, that they can be continually aimed at, Even if the angle of attack is different to what you may have felt prepared for. 

There is, of course, an even deeper trap which we are afflicted with as conscious beings. It is the commitment of attempting all reasonable and reachable opportunities. Nevertheless, never really giving any of those attempts at order cultivation, any real concern. Rather blaming the consequences of our nonchalant attitude. Based on a fantastical premise that we are conspired against at every single corner no matter what we do. Therefore, we simply state that we have factually tried everything. Yet rewards have not been forthcoming as our expectations had set out. So we give up. Embittered by life. 

It is thus only when we consider each decision we made carefully can we actually come to find that there are many areas which, if given the opportunity again, we would implement this learning. The sad part is, that the moment which we call on, is never to return. We can utterly only consider the duties in front of us. At the moment, and ask if engaging with it brings a positive incline towards our lofty expectations. In essence, though the moments may differ. We should use the knowledge of incorrectness, as a course for reconstruction. As our rubric system in marking our daily performance. 

I have been attempting to only look back as a means of understanding the consequences of my past misalignments. I do so carefully so as to only engage with chaos as a willful participant. Not to unduly introduce unnecessary chaos that does not breed fresh abundant and positive outcomes. One does not simply burn your house down because you are in need of the drive to retile your bathroom. While the chaos will breed a fresh start in terms of your whole house. Which in itself can be a great thing to do. It could just the same reveal that your insurance coverage lacks. You are without a comfortable living space for the undetermined future. You are in a worse state than before. 

Whereas, if the expectation was of a new bathroom tile. Your main focus should be that alone. Along with what it will require. Even the smallest of steps each day before your expectation is realised. Therefore, chip away slowly at the mountain. The landscape will continually change. New problems will occur. A tile out of stock. Your plumbing needs to be redone after a cowboy tradesman had their way with your pipes. It is thus important to maintain a clear vision of your expectations so as not to unduly enter into chaos which forces you to either abandon it as a whole. Or its achievement will leave you dissatisfied at what it could have been. If you are to make a plan, it is important that you stick to it even in the most basic manner possible. No shortcuts. It is ultimately about staying within that crucial vibrational zone which brings your vision into a manifested reality. You will know which activities limit you from this achievement. The choice is yours as to how serious you bear the weight of your expectations. 

The changes that you go through in order to create new order formats have to be as aggressive as the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. There has to be a distinguishable difference in the perceptions of who you are. The manner in which you go about your business should dutifully align with the expectations you have of yourself and others. It is better to fail while knowing the areas where you have lacked. Then to fail due to a lack of situational awareness. Or through misaligned justifications. The cuisine of choice being the palatability of your bullshit.

The expectation is to opportunity what servitude is to order. Your expectations without the necessary servitude will only lead to unwanted chaos without the real rewards so sought. It is counterproductive to only think of your expected opportunities without the need for daily dolorous duty. You can not wait for the perfect conditions or rely on delayed rewards, based on your arrogance in belief. If you do not beware the ides of march. 

We can thus ask again: 

“What is the worth of expectation? How much weight does foreshadowing carry? How far is the reach of a dream? How deep is your desire for delayed rewards? How crafted is your will, that you can place all confidences within this expectation?” 

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