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Articulation as First Expression (Part 3) – Justice

“Justice is the constant and perpetual will to allot every man his due” – Domitus Ulpian

Domitus Ulpian

I have turned greedy. I have become gluttonous. I have suspended conscious thought, and give way only to my animalistic desires. I scratch. I claw. I peck. I devour all before me with no care. I am ruthless in my pursuit of myself. I need to be. I have no choice. The cockroach has outlived the Dodo bird. Proved itself to be the most resilient organism. Despite the numerous techniques that can successfully prevent population growth.

The humble cockroach. Spending its days being the most hated, yet efficient replicator of its genes. It is proven that a cockroach is pound for pound, gram for gram, THE most protein-rich organism on this planet. Only living organism to have survived the atomic bomb events in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yet so unnoticed, it does its work as being both a scientific marvel while also being the scourge on modern society.

This got me thinking about the dichotomous nature of the human condition. To love and hate, so long as a purpose is filled. To have the ability to detach the personhood from one another for the sake of attaining a goal. For the sake of winning one game, we are willing to tear away at everyone and everything. I noticed this in my previous group of friends. A group of individuals who had been lying in wait. In order to lay ambush to my self-worth. In the process, doing as much, if not more, damage to themselves. It was the strangest ordeal to go through, since each time these individuals got themselves into destruction, as a result of enacting a plan to hurt me. They would consequently blame me for this pain felt. It was as though the villains of the story somehow found it appropriate to become victims of their own making. It is as though an armed robber shoots themselves, in the process of attempting to steal. Then being so hurt by their failure and resultant pain. They wish to blame the would-be victim for being ever so resistant to their harm.

Hence the victim is to oddly assume responsibility for the well-being of the villain. The hurt is suffered double time, since the failure of the victim to show the necessary personage, which they would have benefitted from. In terms of the societal sympathy that comes with being a victim to a crime. Nor would we deny them the rightful seeking of justice. In this new format they – the victims- need to do away with this and begin to either strengthen the previous threat. Or risk becoming a villain themselves for rejecting their personage and wanting the villain to suffer. The victim is immediately asked to step into a role as carer and councillor for a failed attempt at their destruction.

In my own life, I have been made to feel as though it is unreasonable to expect that villans remain as villains. Until true atonement of their intentions is made known. I have been made to feel monstrous for shunning the mentality of the villain turned victim. It is as though a neglectful parent, who has been abusive and absent for many years. Suddenly decides that since they are now infirm and in need of care. That their children, whom they have made victims of. Now have to take up the mantel of the superior caregiver. So as to maintain the societal thread that children should endeavour to take care of their elderly parents. There will often be many calls for this relationship to be upheld irrespective of the deeds of the neglectful or non-engaged parent. Especially if the abuse has been done covertly by simply checking out of being a parent.

It is an act of downing tools and not taking responsibility for influencing the child. Instead, this absence of real support is taken place by a berating voice that only looks to critique based on the efforts put in by them, not the one they are said to be supporting. Parents, caregivers and guardians will often remind those in their care of just how much effort they are putting in as-is. Therefore to ask for me is a bad quality trait. However, not all engagement or efforts are efforts needed. If a villain turned victim wishes to weasel out of retribution for crimes because of the effluxion of time.

I for one will not be standing around looking to understand the reasonings of destructive behaviour until that intention has been made expressly aware. Through the voice of the would-be perpetrator. This recognition of the villain’s mentality as it was in the moments before. Should stand as the bounce off point for the decisions on how to engage with this villain. It should thus be our desire to seek such articulation at first hand before we ascribe formats of behaviour to those working through trauma. Never should we allow the stories of victims to be replaced by the rambling reasons given by those villains. We should continually press upon our searches for truths. To continually hold up a higher standard of truthful and meaningful articulation.

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