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Getting Up (Part 3) – Delayed Rewards

“Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines. Though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food. Though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls. Yet, I will rejoice in the lord. I will be joyful in God my Saviour.” Habakkuk 3: 17 – 18

To be strong. Is this not what most of us would say to be cardinal in the process of Getting Up? Would we also then not agree that to do so we have to sometimes persevere? While at other times we may have to concede that we have erred in some fashion? So then, how are we to know when which is which? We have been taught by everyone and everything in this world that when times are difficult we should never give up. We see this principle permeate every rivulet of society. Sports. Media. School. Politics. University. Street Corners. Pubs. Taverns, Shabeens and Churches.Everyone has a story, a teaching, a constitution, a treaty all somewhere reverencing “Never/Don’t Give Up”. Usually as a form of thought, and actionable behaviour that says that we shall be rewarded for our efforts. It is of course 100 per cent TRUE. However, we all have an experience where we never gave quitting more than a millisecond of thought. Each day we strove to not let the mediocrity of skipping out on our goals, creep into our established order. Yet still the results after this effort was not rewarded. As such, we felt gutted in disappointment and fatigued without restitution.

So how then are we to distinguish when a venture, a circumstance, a living condition is not something to be persevered with? How are we sure that we can replicate the same shrewd and accurate decisions? It is particularly hard to answer these questions for ourselves when we are attempting something new that taxes our resources. It is the unknown, the unperceived which causes the uncertainty of ourselves. It is this inferiority of infirm information which frightens us. It is a Chaos to our Order with the Opportunity yet to be manifested. It is also here where many of us take small stumble and our dreams fall at the wayside. Decayed, denatured, destitute, destructed, delayed. Do not mistake me. Pause is allowed. Rest is needed. However, to be tardy and shirk responsibilities are ways of the listless and spiritually unbound. For me, I believe you have to remind yourself or create your values of the philosophies in your life. That which is non-negotiable for you to be at your best. I believe we should personify all written and unwritten forms of belief. In this manner, one becomes the workable versions of that which you hold to be true and of societal good.So if you are to live by the words, the conventions, the codes, the agreements you say out loud, sign to, opt-in, or post on social media, sing and read in places of worship etc. These words or rather, these fundamentals of how you view life, is to be so directly visible in your actions. There is to be very little doubt as to whether you are who you say you are. “If Man says him a ting. Den him a ting”.

There is a fine line between delusions of a grandiose nature and “Arrogance in Belief“.So then, how does one identify your order formats and recalibrate them? How are we to know when the time is right to hold on and keep holding on? Or when we should be on our toes as to whether it would be more prudent, to give up. There is a central and important key difference between those who are abundant in their “Arrogance in Belief.” Compared to those who have warped their reality into a showground of themselves, with zero situational awareness.For instance, a person follies in their delusions, are only victims as a countenance of their inability to hold any personal responsibility. Pertaining directly to their roles in the negative outcomes which befall them. Yet, they get up and go forth with the same enthusiasms of the recently failed task or goal. They once again go forth and find themselves in fantastic areas of opportunity, yet the taxing nature of their delusions means the rewards are non-existent. Without ever comprehension of the surrounding chaos which looms as an incoming tsunami long past point of return. For those who have grounded themselves in an “Arrogance in Belief” of abundance, from a provider who is benevolent yet fearful. Whom also has instilled in those believers a truth, that they are special, and so one is to be careful.Not just with other people, but more importantly with ourselves. It is this due diligence in self-representation which is crucial to maintain a belief which always creates opportunities of positivity. It is also this inspection of ourselves which ensures us that we are not making the same error under the same but different conditions. Instead, we are to use our past attempts as the reasons why we have the best knowledge for our next attempt.

I have recently re-started reading Dr Jordan B. Peterson’s book “12 Rules for Life; an Antidote to chaos” which I have never gotten beyond Rule #3 with. However, Dr Peterson explains quite simply the complex neurological, physiological and psychological impact lobsters have shown when undergoing their own Getting Up process. In this, he explains that when male lobsters fight to compete for the right to mate. The events post-fight in the mind, body and soul of a lobster is significant to its immediate survival, mortality and fertility. Which we as humans share, yet we do not harness enough. You see once a victorious lobster has seen off the unworthy challenger. It undergoes a pigmentation change that darkens its red colour.It physically looks taller and imposing. So when future fights occur, this confidently crimson crustacean turns into prime Conor McGregor. With all the limbs swaying and the assuredness of victory against his opponent. All combined make it not only the most eligible mate but also the baddest in the yard. He presents this in every area of lobster life. From mating to hunting. This lobster has become accustomed to repetitive success. Which is rewarded abundantly. With his genetic code widely replicated. He is at the prime of what it is to be a living organism. It is this attitude which invites more participation into the many good games that life is made from.

Many good games being those activities that reap real resilient rewards. It is the active pursuit, recognition, participation and appreciation of these states of play, which determine the stature and substance of your existence. The trick, however, is to never win any games which preclude your inclusion into the many other games. Irrespective of our perceptions, if the winning of a game leads to no further future participation of all the other accessible games. We can conclude that we are in all rights to grab our ball and go home because it was not a good game. 

By contrast the defeated competitor, this being a series now of consecutive defeats, is a paler colour than his flashy opponent. He looks smaller and hidden. A prey. As such he represents this way. He enters all his other arenas away from seeking a mating partner; this lobster carries his defeated mentality throughout his participation into his lobster structures. Which unfortunately all leads to more hardship. Till eventual death and zero procreation of genetic code. As a living organism, he has failed his duty to reproduce. He was of insignificance.This tale of two lobsters has for us many lessons about what we can do as conscious creations. The complex mix of hormones such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. Are what make the confident lobster stay in his winning position. In his book, Dr Peterson, therefore, denotes that if we are to move past our past, we have to walk, talk and think as though we have already done so. If we are to have wealth that can sustain our lives and aide that of strangers, we have to live, act and think that this is already the case. Unlike that of the defeated lobster. Who slumps in its shell. Who can not catch food, and always seems to be in a state of ill the more they slump down. So like the lobster in victory, we will always feel that we can stand taller than those around us. We take this feeling and legitimization of confidence wherever we go. In scripture, it says this about the need to act as though you are already by stating the following principle

“For those who have, more will be given in abundance. For those that have less or nothing, more will be taken away” – Matthew 13:12.

This is a stern spiritual warning of why we should be excited about the times which require us to just keep Getting Up. It is a veiled threat that if we are to consider our situations too dire to want to improve on. We will surely be faced with circumstances which deplete the already minimal resources we hold dear. If we are to consider that nothing in this world will ever be as terrible as one particular moment. We say yes to opening up the portals that show us just how fortunate our previous positions were. Yet, if we live in abundance, we can begin to make the changes in our lives which amount to our definitions of Order. We can avoid Chaos in certain forms. Yet indulge it in will full doses of our choosing. We can meet Chaos as a prepared agent and enthusiastic dueler.

Through our abundance, we can give time to Opportunities that may lead to a better quality of life.As newborn babies, we came into this world as bundles of fresh opportunity and chaos. As we get older we become creatures of well-tried and established Order. Never looking to deal in any Chaos, and we are sceptic about new Opportunities. Yet in between those two states, we have decisions to make, a life to live. So keep getting up and back in the game so that you can look forward and set out your lofty goals and plans. You have to keep getting up when you reject the snooze button because you know how indecision kills, and therefore you have to move forward. All the while remembering to speak of yourself and others with truth and compensation. That way, the complexities around us become common grounds. It is how we understand the areas of where and how we can be of servitude to our fellow human beings, ourselves and the rest of society.

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