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Looking Forward (Part 3) – Articulation is Manifestation

“No matter who we are,  Kalahari  Desert–dweller or Wall Street banker, some things are under our control, and some things are not.  That’s why both can understand the same stories, and  dwell within the confines of the same eternal truths.” – Dr Jordan B. Peterson

I pay due countenance to the words I dare to say out loud, moreover, I scrutinize even further the ones I do not. Earlier this year I briefly set out how important I felt articulation was to me, and how central it is to establishing order within chaos. Specifically the TRUTHFUL articulation of yourself. In introducing this to myself firstly, and then “casting the dye” in the form of actually living it, I did not expect how hard it would be.

 It is incredibly daunting to aim to live life on the basis that you are to assert your principles in a manner which bears the burden of being truthful. Yet ever so veiled, just enough to awaken the intrigue in others. For me, I mentioned that moving through chaos, establishing order and recognizing the opportunities, all required. Rather demanded, from us a consistency that serves as shepherdship for our character when we are too far away to carry it ourselves. When you are facing up to all that which you wish to hide and to do so unashamedly, the ownership of one’s destiny is placed back within your feint grasp. Through our directed speech we can create and destroy. We can speak life into the dead parts of our lives, while simultaneously breaking down the often unstable platforms of security we use to springboard from.

The magnitude of articulation is best demonstrated in Genesis 1. The creation of the heaven, hell and the space we inhabit between those. All brought to light through God’s spoken, directed and truthfully asserted articulation. It is this articulation that gave rise to Adam and Eve. The archetypes of God in human form. The ultimate embodiment of His will. In His image. Something so purposefully designed, yet they still disobeyed Him. Things still ultimately did not go as exactly articulated. Yet out of this, the story of redemption is born. With the lesson of retribution attached as fair warning to those who choose to misuse these spiritual gifts of creation, afforded to us by our cosmic given gift of manifestation through articulation. As Beings who have the power to affect the current and future realities through spoken word alone is a confirmation that we possess innate abilities once only ascribed to Greek Mythology and other cosmical figures.

So impactful is the importance of articulation in our lives, that the price is high for those who fail to recognize it. For those who speak ill of others or speak too highly of themselves. For those who denigrate society as mediocre. For those who use words as knives to be twisted to cause harm. For those who seek to sow discord among once peaceful souls. Especially to those who can not utter a word of encouragement and praise unless this serves them too. It is for these folk who have yet to understand just how far-reaching the consequences of their negligence in speech truly is. It is for them the bell tolls. It is for them that the four horsemen ride. It is for them that atonement will be at its most premium.

Of course, we all speak loosely at times. We lose track of ourselves and we fall foul to the traps laid before us. That is ultimately human. Even at our very best, we remain fragile in our execution of that which is righteous. However, our frailty of mind does not excuse us from a real considered effort. It is, in fact, this frailty which gives most meaning as to why it is an undertaking that one should actively embrace. It should be as a matter of principle that we strive to create objects of meaning that will outlast even those who spoke them into existence. Doing so without the legitimization of already tangible proof. We look to hero’s such as Martin Luther King Jnr and his “I Have a Dream” speech and John F Kennedy and his pronouncement of the United States of America to be the first to put a man on the moon, as two examples of articulated future realities, presented with such directness, while lacking almost all the necessary elements upon which to base this on.

 Certain moments in our lives will require us to make the same pronouncements of idealistic future realities as our heroes before us. With the ultimate faith and hope that its manifestation will be realised despite current evidence of the contrary. We can now begin to understand that it is a gift rather than a privilege. Therefore,  we have to deploy this as part of our greater alignment with our societal and spiritual duty. Our duty to God, those around us, and ourselves is to speak up. Especially for those who cannot. To articulate our aspirations as though their manifestation is a matter of fact. When we begin to operate in the realm of articulating our future desires with clarity, we liberate ourselves from the creeping self-doubt and perceived inadequacies, and all other reasonings as to why we can not, should not and dare not dream of realities not present.  

To look forward with effectiveness and directness, we should consistently be articulating our positive realities and hopeful situations. To manifest our destiny, we need to speak out loud so that it becomes part of the fabric within the unseen cosmos. To navigate artfully through the valleys of chaos and order, we must be consistent in only recognizing speech which is at its first instance truthful and secondly done with the advancement of society as central to this. To recognize the opportunities presented to us, even as with Adam and Eve, our ideal is not in its perfect formation. We need to be willing to be able to understand the lessons drawn from this, to make our future representations symmetrical with our internal aspirations. By doing so, I believe the prospect of looking forward gains new actionable meaning as we wander through our states of chaos and order. 

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