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Moving Forward (Part 1) – Reject the Perfect Conditions

“March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life’s path” – Khalil Gibran

I wouldn’t really consider myself a perfectionist. I don’t think anyone that knows me reasonably well enough would think so either. However, I do love perfect conditions.

What I mean by “perfect conditions”, I mean those little things that just need to be there or else the whole process is FUBAR. Your “perfect condition” is the definition of your subjectiveOrder”, which allows you to maximize the “Opportunity”, which you have cultivated out of previous states of “Chaos”. This varies from situation to situation.

For some people, they really only need a few basic things. I salute those who have the fortitude of needing very little in order to move forward. You are a rare and special breed.

However, if you are like me, you will know that for some of us, we just need a few more “stars to align” before our start point can be reached. How many of us need that coffee cup just to shake the bed rust? Or to activate our problem solving and creative ‘brain-parts’?

It is perfectly acceptable to want to be comfortable or to be placed in a position of adequate comfort before undertaking any challenge. It is then important that before one is to ask an individual to attempt something.  It would be reasonable to demand that they are, in the minimum, adequately equipped to make a successful first step. Otherwise, it is a wasted and unfair exercise. Unfortunately for many, especially in South Africa. What each of us deems adequate is so varied and ultimately disproportionately aligned. 

There thus needs to be an established “Order” for the creation of “Chaos” to be initiated, thereby breeding various “Opportunity” elements. From which we hope that the potential new realities that are presented, outweigh the chaos caused in its creation.

For instance, if someone wishes to obtain a legally valid driver’s license, and pass the competency tests. They would need to first be presented with the ‘perfect conditions’ for this to happen. They would have to be of a mature age. They would have to understand the theoretical nature of driving a vehicle. Then they would have to be provided with sufficient practical training in the operation thereof. Throughout this endeavour, there are large amounts of chaos and opportunity present. However, society has deemed this to be of such societal importance (hyperlink). That the opportunity to advance oneself, and to be of potential aide to society is of greater significance in the long term than the chaos in the short.

My issue primarily relates to when this desire of the “perfect condition” partners with an expectation that society should provide these conditions, as a bespoke service for each and all of us. There are deep-rooted historical references on how an over-reliance on our own “perfect condition” can be used to orchestrate genocidal atrocities. Or worse, allow many to claim ignorance, yet were and still are complicit and beneficiary by virtue of their acquiescence.

Sadly, we have seen this flippant approach in today’s youth too. In particular with the rise of “Identity Politics”. We can now legislate free speech and assert the most ambiguous conditions on those around us. We can make wild accusations and claim offence as freely as the “Boy who cried wolf” – and of course be disapproval that such an archaic gender normative adage is still deployed by this writer.

All without losing any social credibility. Whether our accusations or offence was merited or reasonable has no bearing on the righteousness of victimhood. We have erased the strain of honest introspectivity and personal responsibility. Instead, we coddle ourselves in the comfort that our stagnation in life is due to something external. 

 Jussie Smollett is the perfect example of an individual who is the paragon and cautionary tale of modern society and our delusion with “Identity Politics” and the “lived experience”.  By using this ideological grouping of interpretative tools and essentially conversation starters, as working political theory. We have begun to add “newer” conditions to an already stacked list.

Conditions needed for high-value productivity are fantastic at the initial phase of setting your mind right. But, they are complete momentum killers when it comes to making a decision, and ultimately moving forward. They allow us too much time to dream up future scenarios where we are placed in an inevitable situation which will require a suspension of our “perfect conditions”. It is this jarring thought of our current unpreparedness that stops us dead.

I realize how much time I’ve wasted…


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