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Servitude of Duty (Part 1) – Personal Responsibility

“We who are strong ([in our convictions and of robust faith) ought to bear with the failings and the frailties and the tender scruples of the weak; (we ought to help carry the doubts and qualms of others) and not to please ourselves.” –  Romans 15:1

It is quite a humbling time when one is faced with chaos due to your own dereliction of duty. To look at the difficulties of your life and to truly consider your role in each one of them. Taking personal responsibility of yourself and your shortcomings is a heavy cross to bear. It is a level of introspection quite akin to crucifixion because when we begin to accept our personal involvement in the chaos of our lives, we take ownership thereof. We essentially nail ourselves to the times where we have neglected to become the person, we told ourselves we can and should be.

It is a perplexing tragedy when we break the rules we made for ourselves. Or if we broke those rules which we have self-subscribed to. Or implicitly subscribed to, by virtue of enjoying the fruits of those around us who have. Now, I’m not saying ALWAYS, follow the rules. There are times where the rules are arbitrary, baseless and stifling in terms of the overall advancement of society. Just look at South Africa, we are the ONLY country where you need a TV license to buy a TV. I know TV’s have gotten smarter, but surely a real-life “I –Robot” scenario is still many years away right?

Instead, I am emphasizing that in life, in love, and in the light we can not progress without the commitment to the daily fulfillment of our duties. The servitude of one’s duty is for me a Godly principle. Its also something I’ve never really understood, and perhaps I’m still trying to come to terms with the weight of it. When I say it is a Godly principle, I work from the stance that all Christians (should) believe is that God is in everyone. As much as one is to feel special and righteous, as some Bible Bashers would like you to believe they are, you HAVE to accept that EVERYONE else is too. Or at least inherently born this way, and should be offered forgiveness, mercy and time to atone. Therefore, through disposing of our duties we should not do so purely at the advancement of ourselves, but for the service of others who are not as fortunate.

I struggle with this principle immensely, since I am incredibly selfish. I am at all times concerned with my own fulfillment, and I act selfishly every day. I am not apologetic for it. I just now realize that it is an accolade of the highest privilege to ever be placed in a position where you have a duty to fulfill. To be of servitude to others. To reach when they are stretched. To walk when they fear to tread. To carry when they are strained and to comfort when they are weary. I thus challenge each one of you. Take a look at where your duties lie and be thankful that you are strong enough to fulfill them.


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